Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Near the end of the school year in May, Leroy came home with 7 sunflower seeds. Apparently his school is having a "Grow The Largest Sunflower Contest". Whatever child can bring in the largest sunflower head at the beginning of the next school year, said child wins a prize.

Leroy has lost his mind over this one.

So I did what any good Mom with a black thumb does, I put 4 seeds, each in their very own Dixie cup, threw in some dirt and watered them in our kitchen window every day. I gave the other 3 to my dear neighbor Auntie Kiki because I suspected some catastrophic event may happen to ours. Think cats, dogs and kids.

After they sprouted, I lovingly cared for them until I could transfer them outside. I put a nice little metal fence around them and sprayed them with Miracle Grow.

Auntie Kiki threw them in the ground and forgot about them..................

Let's just say that Auntie Kiki is kicking my ass on the Sunflower thing. I wandered next door yesterday and was amazed to see these tall, green stalks leaning gently toward the sun. Leroy may pack his bags and move next door soon.

To top things off, I coaxed the kids outside to witness a beautiful sunset. Christian was so in awe over the colors that he tripped on the metal fence and flattend two of the four sunflowers. We are down to three now with one just barely hanging on.

Oh, but that sunset was SO worth it.


Jennboree said...

Oh that sunset is totally worth it.

When we lived in Missouri, my parents grew the largest sunflowers I'd ever seen but I was scared of them because the birds wanted those seeds BAD and it was like a Alfred Hitchcock movie was being filmed in our backyard. Sunflower = scary

mistressofchange said...

So definitely worth it! Even if there was sunflower trampling involved.

Shoshana said...

Wow Tallulah, that sunset if absolutely awesome. I don't think I have seen sunset that beautiful ever.

I like sunflower in picture, or when they're small...somehow when they surpassed saucer sized, I get scared looking at them. I haven't figured it out yet....

mist1 said...

That's an amazing picture. I always want to take sunset pictures, but then I just sit there like a moron and finish my drink and smoke just one last cigarette and text message someone, "Dude, you've got 2 c this sunset." Then, it's gone and I've wasted another moment.