Monday, July 23, 2007


When Izzy wakes up in the morning, he feels the need to talk my ear off. Not that he doesn't blabber on and on the rest of the day, but morning are always peak for Izzy.

This morning's conversation went like this:
Izzy: "Good Morning Mommy."
Me: "Good Morning."
Izzy: "Did you know that I have three jobs?"
Me: "Three? Wow! What are your jobs?"
Izzy: "I am a Super-Hero. I am a Expert Whisperer. I am a Zombie Layer.....or is it Slayer?"
Me: "Slayer."
Izzy: "Well I am also a terrific Zombie Layer. I lay the Zombie eggs and then they hatch. I bury them in the ground so that their heads are showing. I feed them and take care of them and then I slay them."

I'm praying for the Expert Whisperer to emerge as the stronger of the three.


Jennboree said...

WOW that child has an imagination! I can't wait to see if he is a writer, an artist or both!

tallulah said...

Jenn-I'll take artist or writer...just not serial killer.

Jennboree said...

Well, I was tip-toeing around that. :)

Lynn said...

The world has too many whisperers. I'm rooting for Zombie Layer.

T-girl said...

I think we should bring Baby J and Izzy together and let them rule the world! It DEFINILTY would a be a better place! Think how nice it would be with all her hot tubs and his Zoombie heads laying around! LOL

These are the comments that you can't help but go "eww... wait... where did he come up with that? Ewww... I am so proud, what a creative kid!" LOL I swear I spend a lot of time in the little world I like to call my warped reality! LOL