Friday, June 29, 2007


Christian went fishing with a friend the other day. Christian loves fishing almost as much as World War II history.

Christian came home with a fish that he wanted to put in our fish tank. I explained to Christian that this fish would eat our five pet fish for breakfast, then the fish would get so big we would have to get a bigger tank. This fish was a wild fish and he had two choices:

1. Kill the fish and have him for dinner.
2. Take the fish with Papa back to the river and let him go.

Poor Christian! He struggled over this decision for three hours!

That's my boy.......


Carol said...

I have been a lurker here for a long time (I think that I actually posted a comment once a long time ago). Just because I don't pipe up doesn't mean that I don't look forward to reading you every day!

This story really made my day. You were a great mom for giving him the facts and letting him decide. And what a guy for taking the time to make a thoughtful decision and giving up his prized catch so it could be free.

I'm really touched...

Jennboree said...

OMG I had to laugh at that giant fish in a pitcher.

Yay on throwing the fish back! Cuz I know you weren't looking forward to cleaning it. Or smelling it after Bubby cleaned it.

My husband hates fishing, used to love it but cannot bring himself to kill for food. We pay other people to do it for us.

T-girl said...

Aw, that is sweet! That was a nice looking fish too. Many a fisherman is probably yelling right now about that! LOL

Oh and I am weird I think because I LOVE cleaning fish! I think of it as a mini science experiment, although I have not done it in many years and to be honest not as an adult, I may not be so keen on it now because honestly there is a part of me that get's kind of queesy at the thought! LOL

Bliss said...

i thought that was a trick photo! Christian's a sweetie. i think i would have eaten the fish for dinner. '-)