Tuesday, May 01, 2007


One of Izzy's favorite activities is to hang out with Papa in his office. Bubby has a small t.v. with video games, an entire studio complete with a microphone for singing and gads of guitars. It is a virtual electronic playground for Izzy. And of course, an opportunity to express himself completely........naked.


Jennboree said...

What could be more fun than jammin nude!

T-girl said...

I think I would like to hang in Papa's office myself... ah with clothes though! believe me NO ONE would think THAT is cute on a number of levels! ROTFL

He seriously is just too funny! He looks as happy as a clam just jammin'! Very cute!

tallulah said...

t-girl - Bubby would LOOOOVVVEEE if you came to his office naked...beleive me.

jenn-jammin nude girl...i do it all the time!

ezb said...

nude with cans on, my perfect afternoon.