Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The last 10 days have been busy. Izzy turned 4. The family took a trip to the Northern part of the state, and then Izzy and I flew to Tucson for a week.

Don't ask me why Izzy wanted an eyeball cake.

Izzy's other request? Chuck-E-Cheese's. Slitting my wrists would have been easier. That place is a living Hell.

Tucson was relaxing. It never ceases to amaze me how much life and raw beauty a desert could have.

Izzy was quite content filling his days with naps and relaxing in the pool.

Bubby and I leave in a couple of weeks for a vacation (without the wee ones) to Boston. Any suggestions on must-see's or fabulous restaurant's?


Viaggiatore said...

An EYEBALL CAKE!!! And he loves walking around nekkid. Izzy is totally my pint-sized hero.

T-girl said...

I LOVE the cake! That is GREAT! Chucky cheese though... not so much! LOL

Boston... I am SO jealous!

Tuscan... I am SO jealous! The only time of year I really like the desert is Spring and late winter when everything blooms out! VERY beautiful!

mayberry said...

Yet another reason to love Izzy. The eyeball cake RULES.

Gorgeous pictures from Tucson too.

Bliss said...

oooh, tucson! i love that town. i hope y'all had a good time. we've got good friends there. it's been a while since we've been and i sure do miss that place. sorry i don't know a thing about boston. hope y'all have fun up there. :-)