Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Izzy's playroom is packed with the most expensive, top notch toys that money can buy. Izzy's toys are stimulating and create an ideal learning environment.
Here is what Izzy plays with:
A claw from the Alaskan King Crab that he just ate,

$2.00 fingerpaints from Target,

A garbage bag,

His sister's coat,

And the couch.


Mayberry said...

Well, that claw is pretty cool.

My daughter (5) plays the most with mixing bowls (aka seats on a space ship) and kitchen tongs (aka dinosaur teeth).

T-girl said...

Amen to that! I honestly wish people would STOP buying Baby J toys, she plays with them BUT she is MUCH happier with crap around the house. I honestly wish people would give her a good quality box then some toy, she would get more out of it I think in the long run! LOL Why? Because boxes- boxes are the bombdigity in her little world. Daddy came back and left his suitcase out (although it is unpacked) oh my, THAT was HOURS of fun, the best part is the fact she can fit into it and she spent HOURS "locking herself in" and giggling about it. She carried toys... the dog and cat (don't ask) and various other household items around the house with it. I finally got sick of tripping over the damn thing (it was a small one btw... can you just see a HUGE one though? LOL)

Honestly, I get more enjoyment out of watching her play with some mundain item to me and seeing what she makes of it then her actual toys. Although the dolls are cute, she loves on them! LOL Anyways, I actually like watching her imagination at play, it is amazing to see the world through their eyes. So while the "learning toys" are here and I like that she does play with them occasionally (mostly when she is tired) I am thankful that she has such a great imagination that can make her booster seat into a car if you put it inside the suitcase (no joke btw, complete with noises! LOL)

Jennboree said...

The claw is wicked cool.

Funny how grownups are. Did we forget somewhere along the way that pretend is far more fun?

Bella's favorite things are my scarves, tupperware, the pantry aka her "house" and of course boxes. What kid doesn't love boxes?

Best learning toy we have? That insane LeapFrog fridge magnet. I've learned to sing all my letters.

Liz said...

It's Liz from I Speak of Dreams

I started being a parent with my stepsons who were then 4 and 6 years old, and of course I bought them so many fancy toys.

By the time my daughter arrived 4 years later, I'd come to my senses.

The claw is truly cool.

Other cool toys I found along the way:

Costume jewelry from the resale store

Dress-up items, again from the resale store.

(I totally suck as a seamstress, but) all kinds of capes and cloaks made out of remnants from the fabric store. Trim the cut ends with the iron-on hemming stuff, made a tunnel about 6 inches from the top end by sewing a tuck, and thread that round elasticky stuff through the tunnel.

(A bit younger than Izzy) The Delivery Game: ingredients: one small child, one big cardboard box.

Instructions: child climbs into box & pulls the flap shut & yells, "LADY, you have a delivery!!!". Mom discovers box, potters about with things like "Who sent me this? What is in it? ... Eventually opens box, says things such as "I didn't order a baby! Now what am I going to do!!!" or "JUST what I always wanted, a giraffe!" Or (feigned tears of joy) "The dolly I have always wanted!!"

Repeat as often as you can stand it, which is always less often than your child wants to play.

Jay said...

And she's a smarter kid because of it.
Creativity is what counts.

john said...

izzy should totally have his own tv show.


The Analyzer said...

Top two toys at Chez Star:

The ditch outside our house, and all it's cattails.

The appliance boxes Davie-O randomly brings home.

Oh, and Bow says his "bike, but only when he gets to ride it down the stairs."