Friday, February 09, 2007


Leroy & Izzy get along amazingly well for the five year difference in years. As you can see by the photo below (they were making homemade bouncy balls), Izzy just thinks everything Leroy does is hilarious. Yesterday in the car, the following conversation occurred between Leroy and Izzy:

(They each had a Bionicle in their hand.)

Leroy (to Izzy's Bionicle): "Good Morning! Would you like some breakfast?"
Izzy: " Yes please."

Leroy: "What would you like?"

Izzy: "Chicken."

Leroy: " We don't eat chicken. We are Pesco Vegetarians. We only eat vegetables and fish."

Leroy: "Let's start again. Good Morning! What would you like for breakfast?"

Izzy: "Duck."

Leroy: "We don't eat cute and furry little creatures!"

Izzy: (chanting) "I WANT MEAT! I WANT MEAT! I WANT MEAT!"

Leroy:(desperately trying to appease Izzy) "Ok. Ok. Ok. I traveled back in time and killed a T-Rex for you."

Izzy: "Can I have the leg?"

Leroy: "Sure."

And I leave you with this picture of last Thanksgiving. One of the last times we ate meat before the New Year.
Need I say more?


john said...

i could never grow tired of hearing stories about izzy. he's totally the cuteness!

also, i have that same exact glass. (clear glass with the blue stripe around the top)


Mayberry said...

Oh yeah! If you're going to eat meat, do it up right with a T-rex drumstick!

T-girl said...

Of all that, which was really cute btw, I forgot it though and saw the pictures of Izzy's eyes at the end. He has the same eyes as my daughter I think. They are a very odd hazel color as they are green with a hint of brown- just enough to know it is there but not enough to make them not green. Very strange! LMAO Maybe she is one of your long lost kids and I should send her too you! LOL JUUUUST kidding... You can send me Izzy! ;) LOL

That is so cute... his hero! I love how little brothers/ sisters love eachother (when they aren't bickering) they are so cute. My gf's boys are the same way, it just warms the cockels of my heart!

I'm Just a Girl said...

That look on Izzy's face when he's looking at Leroy is HYSTERICAL!

Jennboree said...

I just love how over the top Izzy is! And Leroy has obvious patience with him. What a special and sweet relationship!

Isn't it such an honor to be witness to your children's lives?

mist1 said...

I used to be vegan. Now, I only eat cute animals.