Monday, January 08, 2007

IT'S 3:50 AM

What are you doing?
I would like to be sleeping, however that is when my body has decided to wake me up for the past week.
I don't like it.
So now I will bore all of you with pictures of various things at 3:50 am.
This is a picture of BooBoo. He is really quite grumpy with me because he has the curse of following me around to. every. room. 24. hours. a. day. At 3:50 am, he wants to be asleep in my heated bed. Instead, he is wondering when in the hell I'm going to stop pacing the floors. Poor BooBoo!


The Analyzer said...

Ahhh, the Goddess Hour. Aren't you lucky! The more you embrace this, the better off you'll be. Ask Beth, Marion, Carol and Lyn about this, and I'm sure they can all give you suggestions about what to do with your time.

Jennboree said...

For a minute there, I thought you went and got yourself an infant! But no, you are just waking at ungodly hours all on your own. Crazy woman.

BooBoo is the poster dog for loyal...jeez!

Anonymous said...

Heck Tallulah, just CALL ME! I get up between 3-3:30am mon-friday! We can chat while I am out feeding the animals! I agree with the Analyzer.. this is the best time of my day, it is so quiet, and I consider it my "kendoll" time!


T's said...

LOL I think it is in the moon or something! Lastnight we had to FORCE Baby J to go to sleep at SIX AM!!! By that point I was so exausted and tired I sat in the kitchen wanting to cry while hubby was holding her down and she cried in the bedroom! She has been doing this for 3 nights or so now, pushing her bedtime back dramatically until we made it to this unGodly hour! I am not sure WHAT is major malfunction is, but now... 1252 and here I am! I can't sleep! Eyeroll I kind of think, well if she keeps pushing it back by two hours eventually we will get to the right time agian! LMAO *sigh* Calgone take me away! LOL

Shoshana said...

I was all sleepless last night, but it's because I was reading Eloisa James, right after Alice Sebold's LUCKY. Brutal book, but still a good read.

I'm now officially awake for about 35 hours or so.

tallulah said... appears I'm not the only one up at that ungodly hour (must I call it the goddess hour?)

Anonymous said...

Liz from I Speak of Dreams.

For me it is one of the side effects of postmenopause. Also the full moon--if I forget to draw the curtains, BING! wide awake.

Next time I'm so troubled, I'll leave a post on your blog.

s@bd said...

poor booboo?!

Poor YOU.