Monday, January 01, 2007


(Thanks to Blogger Beta....I have not been able to post for days, nor have any of my comments on fellow blogger sites been allowed to go through. I had some very lovely posts that disappeared. Too bad. My creative juices have really been flowing.)
I have some personal New Year's resolutions that I would like to share with you.
I know. That sounds like a no-brainer. But I don't like water. I don't like the taste and unless I'm really really thirsty, I don't drink water. The only time I liked water was when I was pregnant and I craved it. If only I could get that feeling back. (the craving for water, NOT being pregnant thank you very much!)
I have been Vegetarian for a good part of my life, but got lazy after kids. We will all be embarking on the "no meat for a year" resolution starting today. Oh my poor children! They are already hating me on this one.
That should be easy for me because I don't exercise AT ALL. Most people hate me for that because I should be obese. I have been lucky to have more of the "Olive Oil" genes rather than the "Miss Piggy" genes. But because of my lack of effort, as my body is aging, it won't bounce back as well. Not exorcising is not helping my asthma at all. And hey! Maybe if I exercise I will want to drink more water. You never know?
This one is going to prove to be a challenge. Here are the main reasons we are moving OUT of Way Down In Mayberry.
a. We don't like the school. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you certainly have had my opinion inundated upon you about my disdain for the school. We wanted a neighborhood school for our kids. This apparently, is not it.
b. Our home is not practical. Don't get me wrong, our home is large and lovely and people even stop us in our front yard to tell us how much they love the looks of our home. It is a Frank Lloyd Wright style home and is very modern and contemporary. Unfortunately, because it is so modern, our 5 bedroom, 3 bath home has no laundry room (a small closet at the top of the stairs) . We park our cars outside of the garage because with only a two car garage, where are our children going to put bikes, ride on toys, ski boarding equipment etc.? Our home has no closets except in the bedrooms. Our home has no pantry. The basement is way too small. We want a basement where the kids can have a pool table and a great "hang-out" area for themselves and their friends as they approach their teen years. Both Bubby and I were blinded by the beauty of the home and failed to consider the practicality of four small children and no storage space.
c. We want to adopt another child. (see a. and b. for further explanation)
d. We have terrible allergies. Bubby, Izzy and myself have really bad allergies that are exacerbated by the sage that surrounds us Way Down In Mayberry. Poor Izzy is already on three different allergy medicines and he's only three. Our next home will have an air cleaning system and no carpets like our prior home did.
e. Our kids have a skewed idea about what is normal. Way Down In Mayberry is a wonderful "Mayberryish" town outside of the Metropolis, but it is fairly elitist. Unless you can afford million dollar homes, it's hard to afford Mayberry. My kids think it's normal to have motor-powered scooters and take vacations to Jamaica at Spring Break.
SO.....with that said, I will be doing my best to accomplish these personal resolutions. What are your resolutions for the New Year?


mistressofchange said...

A beautiful picture to welcome the New Year! Good luck in your resolutions in 2007.

Jennboree said...

Great pic. As for resolutions, your list is way longer than mine!

We ARE going to move. No ifs ands or butts about it. Love the house, hate the neighborhood and the 1+ hour drive for hubby every day to work. (2 hrs on Fridays)

Drink more water is a must for me mostly because I drink so little now, Ava's probably wondering when breastmilk started coming in powder form.

No meat? GREAT idea. Let me know how that goes. Same with exercise.

I do hope you and your family have a wonderful year full of good health, spiritual growth, happiness, delicious veggies and spring water. :)

PS. How do you think Izzy would take having a bro/sis younger than him? I know you adopt in the US, so do you have a certain age requirement or just see a child and know he/she is the one?

tallulah said...

Jenn-We intend on adopting a child between 3 and 8...the ages between Izzy and Leroy.
I don't think Izzy would do well with an infant. He LOVES babies, but is way over them in about two seconds...then they are as Izzy quotes, "annoying."
But nothing is as easy as we plan them to be...we wanted one child and ended up with a brother & sister when we adopted Tori and Leroy!
1-2 hour commute? Ick. That would send me over the edge!

Jennboree said...

I think I've said it before but I love that you adopt children here rather than abroad. Your kids are blessed to have you and your husband.

Do you also adopt dogs, cats and/or birds that never stop singing? :)

Mayberry said...

But... what will you call the blog when you move?

Kidding. Good luck with the move & all the plans. And beautiful picture!

Shoshana said...

I wish you success in your resolutions Tallulah.

Some day when I am all grown up, I will have some new years resolution too! :)

T-girl said...

LMAO... I like how Jennboree is trying to pimp out her animals on other peoples blogs now! LOL

I think it is wonderful you are adopting "babies" (I say it in quotes because they are our babies no matter their age) especially from the states. So many people go overseas, and while I don't discourage or dislike the idea becuase a child in need is a child in need, I also like the whole "your own back yard theory!" Either way it is commendable that you are giving children a home... not a house but a home... even if it is small on space! LOL

Let us know how you do with those resolutions. The kids are going to hate the meat thing but if they can have it at school maybe that would make it easier to palate for them? Not sure how you plan on doing this it will be fun to see. LOL In the end though you are showing them a healthy and differnt way to do it then the norm... options, I am a big believer in teaching my child options for her future... and prayer that she takes them! LOL

Anonymous said...

It's Liz from I Speak of Dreams

The football bowl thing was fun, just cause my beloved relatives were so into it.

I'm not doing resolutions this year at all -- but the more liquids thing is a good one.

Moving -- a house that fits the family's needs is always a good thing.

And about the kids--JumperGirl said on the phone yesterday "Mommy, I should really pay attention when you give me advice I'm realizing it is never useless." Whoot! Biting my lip for all those times has really paid off.

I was going to go for a moonlight snowshoe, but it is dark and snowing, like movie snowstorms, big fluffy flakes. I'll take the snow.

ALE said...

Very good list of resolutions. I have but one, to not let insignificant people upset me. It's a long story. LOL.

Water, excellent! You can't have enough. I find it helpful if you find a bottled kind that you like then have it handy all the time. I love Dasani, I would have it coming out of all my faucets if it wouldn't cost so much. LOL.

Exercise, excellent again. I need to do this too so perhaps we can form a support group (T-girl said on her blog she's got herself a new toy to help her start exercising). We can all harrass eachtoher!

I think it's an amazing think that you will adopt another child. It always makes me happy to hear about people adopting. I hope it all goes well for you.

Best wishes for a wonderful 2007 and good luck with the resolutions :)

ALE (formerly Vixen)