Wednesday, December 13, 2006


This question has been haunting me for days. Why do some kids end up socially inept and prefer typical nerdy things while other kids thrive on sports and relationships?
Here is a list of activities my kids are involved in:
1. Writing club
2. Crossing guard

3. Lunchroom duty

4. Violin

5. Chess club

6. Orchestra

If that isn't a blatant "beat me up caus I'm a big dork"...than I don't know what is. Don't get me wrong...I love whatever my kids love being involved in. I have encouraged them to do whatever they have a passion about. Don't you remember? Tori used to be a cheerleader for Jesus. That just about killed Bubby and me.

But I must be responsible somehow. What kid would rather spend his/her entire afternoon playing with tinfoil rather than playing with friends? Yep, you guessed it....tallulah's kids. I have to buy tinfoil rolls in kidding.

Whenever there is a new flyer that comes home with the kids, I suggest maybe they would like to get involved in it. Typical conversation:

Me: "Hey Christian? Would you like to play flag football? It starts in a couple of weeks and would be great fun!"

Christian: "What's flag football?"
Me: "It's like football but instead of tackling a person, you have to pull the flag from their belt."

Christian: "That sounds stupid."

Me: "How about regular football? You could dress up like a puffy marshmallow and get to slap guys asses and act all manly?"

Okay. The last sentence I was thinking in my mind and not saying out loud. I also hear myself saying things in my head like..."Thank God Leroy didn't want to play baseball. I don't think I could bear watching him grab his balls and spitting every two minutes."

Do the kids pick up on these things? Do they know their Dad doesn't know the difference between a home run and a field goal? Do they not get involved with lots of friends or want to participate in sports because they might disappoint us?
I'm perplexed. But one thing is for sure, this picture is worth a thousand words....

Note: In case you are not of "geeky land", Leroy is putting bunny ears behind his OWN head for a picture.


Anonymous said...

"Christian: "What's flag football?"

Me: "It's like football but instead of tackling a person, you have to pull the flag from their belt."

Christian: "That sounds stupid.""

You know...I agree with Christian 100%. It does sound stupid! So does regular football. And basketball. And all manner of sports.

Your kids sound pretty cool to me. :)

-MomSquared (it won't let me login for some reason)

Jennboree said...

Funny way to put the football. Nothing annoyed my father more than when I was nine, I commented that the group hug was cute during the huddle.

Your kids have imagination...that will take them much farther than ass slapping after tossing an animal's skin around.

Not sure what lunch duty will do for them though...

Shoshana said...

Well, those are great activities. I say that because my kids signed up for Orchestra, Choir, Chess club, and the likes.

The foil? that's my daughter at that age. I think I still have the picture somewhere where she made a foil outfit, including shoes and insist we take a picture of her.

s@bd said...


(the ears)

Anonymous said...

Tallulah, When I looked at the list of activities, I could have written that when I was their age, and I turned out ok... well, ok, I am gay, but other than that........


Mayberry said...

The tinfoil suit is freaking cool.

I say, remember that the geeks almost always end up more successful than the "popular" crowd anyway. Creativity and smarts (and even playing the violin!) are much more useful lifelong skills than flag football.

Anonymous said...

Geekyness is entirely subjective. As long as your children love what they do- regardless of what those interests are- and continue to be creative, imaginative, and full of heart, that's all that matters.

~ Mistress of Change (I couldn't log in either. Weird.)