Monday, November 06, 2006


I have me and the kids scheduled for their flu shots on the 22nd. It's the only day I could schedule all of us at the same time.

Last night Leroy was complaining of a sore throat, body aches and was gagging in to a bucket next to the couch.

After checking his temperature of 102 degrees, I pretty much figure the kid has the flu.

Bubby gets his flu shot at work today. Another reason I loathe Bubby. He beat us to the punch.

Hmmm....I wonder how many of us will come down with Leroy's flu before shot day?


Jennboree said...

Oh, the irony...

So sorry the bug has infiltrated your home!

Shoshana said...

Oh boy!

That last time we caught the flu bug, we all have it twice! That's when I gave can't complain. I think flu save my butt.

Shoshana said...

I do hope no one else get it...but is that futile or what?