Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I'm quite sure all of you parents have had thoughts like:

"I can't wait until.......little _______ is"

In school
Grows out of his/her binky
Can dress his/her self
Can blow his/her own nose

The list goes on and on and on..........................

Well lately, my mantra has been: "I can't wait until Izzy goes to school peacefully." It's always a struggle for Izzy. Most days the pre-school teachers are trying to distract Izzy with new toys or projects. I rush out of there while he cries knowing that after I leave he will be fine.

Today is a new day.

Izzy hemmed and hawed before leaving for school. He told me how much he hated me and all of his classmates at school. He went into detail as to why his pre-school teachers should, and I quote, "find other jobs to do like be a Mom." I could tell I was in for a long morning.

When we arrived at school, Izzy took off his coat, hung up his backpack and came over and gave me a hug and a kiss. Just before entering the gate, Izzy turned around, ran back to me, gave me another kiss and hug and said, "I love you Mom."

He peacefully entered his preschool and I cried all the way home.

One small victory. My baby is growing up.


Jennboree said...

THAT is totally inspiring and brings me great hope!

I had to take Bella out of pre-school because she just couldn't deal with the separation and 15 other kids in her personal space. It was a difficult decision, but we'll try again when she's three. Maybe then she'll just tell me she hates me and her school sucks.


I guess Moms just have to take small wins like sweet hugs and peaceful goodbyes?

tallulah said...

Oh, too bad you had to take Bella out. I remember you being so excited that you were going to have some peaceful days when she was 1/2 day in school. Maybe next year!

Jennboree said...

Well, Bella LOVED school itself. If the other kids would all just stay home, she'd camp out waiting for class to start!

When you look in the window the fourth day in a row that you get The Call one hour after school starts and you see all the children reading quietly while yours wails in the middle of the room...it isn't working.

mistressofchange said...

Congratulations on the progress, even if it does cause a twinge of bitterwseet happiness.