Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I give up.

Bubby and I wanted a new family photo to go in our Way Down In Mayberry directory. Believe it or not, our little town is SO Mayberry that every resident gets a Mayberry binder with all sorts of pictures and information about the residents. It's like a High School yearbook....but better because you can obtain all sorts of information about your neighbors from this book. People tell all about themselves, where they met, how many kids & animals they have and what they like to do in their spare time. It's kind of a creepy "Stepford Wives" thing.

We didn't want to get our photo professionally taken, just a quick little snapshot with the Canon.

Little did I know that Leroy had other plans.

I am posting several pictures here. Notice the blonde boy Leroy.

Asleep. Awake.

Thumbs up.

And damn! If there weren't a dozen (not exaggerating) more pictures of that child doing something in the photo. Picking his nose. Sticking out his tongue. Giving the peace sign. Everyone one was so angry with Leroy that I swear I had to keep his siblings from strangling him.

When we finally got a shot that was a keeper. It was only because by this point (an hour later), Bubby had taken away Leroy's Bionicle and Leroy was on the verge of tears.

Next family photo I think I will just put recent head shots of the kids on little stick-figure drawn bodies and call it good.


Mayberry said...

OK, that is something we do not have in our Mayberry! Wow. Glad you finally got a picture before any blood was shed.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

KaY said...

That was so cool! Yey Leroy! Hehe ...

Do drop by mine. I'd love the visit.