Wednesday, September 06, 2006


For those of you who love your little pussies (the feline kind), you may enjoy It's a silly little website with people sending in pictures of just that....stuff on their cats. My kids love to look at the kitties and have taken interest in putting stuff on our cats.


This picture is of our cat Pooh. Izzy put a tumbleweed on him.

Here is Pooh again. This time Tori put her homework on him.
Really. We must get a hobby.


MomSquared said...

That is too funny!!

I think it's a great hobby.

Shoshana said...

Tallulah, at least they're not putting make-up on the cat. My little sisters did that, complete with a bonnet which the cat absolutely hates.

The nailpolish and lipstick beats all. Of course, my Mother was not to happy when she found out the bonnet was her prized flat sheets!

I'm Just a Girl said...

LMAO...I should do that with my cats. They're pretty bitchy sometimes though, they'd probably know what I was doing and not play along!

ElleStarr said...

You guys could take up blowing stuff up in the microwave.....

Jennboree said...

Love that! Bella is always putting stuff on Willie and Mia. Mia's a diva though and now avoids her. Willie is a tard and lets Bella do ANYTHING to him. He views it all as love, even if it hurts.