Sunday, September 10, 2006


**Music from piano playing in the background. High, slow notes.......

Me: "Izzy! What nice music you are playing."

Izzy: "Do you hear it Mom? It's a song about love."

Me: "Very nice."

Izzy: "I'm playing about how beautiful you are."

What sweet thing has your child said to you lately?


Jennboree said...

Oh, that is terribly sweet and moving!! I bet your heart soared :)

Sweet thing...hmmm

During our bath together, Bella pointed at me "down there" and said "Mama, you pivates are FUNNY"

She's being two so that was the sweetest today.

I'm Just a Girl said...

Doesn't get much better than that.

Shoshana said...

That is so sweet!

My 7 year old would play me a music and he'd say, "Mommy, I can't give you a week-long vacation in Hawaii, but I'll play this nice music for you. Here's your book, and you sit in your favorite spot, and I'll play."

I love it because it does relax me and I am so proud with his music aptitude.

Of course, the younger kids gets jealous, so they have to play me their music too. That might be why I have one broken key in my piano. time for tuning anyway, so I guess it's okay.