Friday, September 01, 2006


Well, maybe not. I don't think there is some guy up there micro-managing my life or anyone else's. But yesterday...oh yesterday.

6:00am - I awake. Stumble downstairs and fix my morning coffee.

6:45am - I wake up the kids. Fix breakfast. Fix their lunches and nag them to get ready.

7:15am - Christian has a total meltdown about something that's really not related to anything and wakes up tiniest brother.

7:15am - 8:15am - Christian continues with meltdown. I help dry his tears and wash his face. I send him off to school (he is late).

8:15am - I hurry and get Izzy dressed for preschool. I stuff cookies down his throat for breakfast. I instruct Leroy who is home (my friends, that's a whole 'nother blog about us pulling him out of school just waiting to be written) to stay put and I will be right back. I ask Leroy what he is going to do while I drop off his brother. Leroy says, "watch t.v. upstairs or play with the scrabble game."

8:30am - I drop Izzy off at school literally kicking and screaming, "I DON'T WANT TO GO TO SSSSSCCCCHHHOOOOOLLL! The preschool teacher literally pries Izzy off of my leg.

8:34am - I return from preschool (I'm literally a block a way and I drove...yeah, okay...I also know I'm pathetic). I start cleaning up the kitchen and doing the dishes.

8:50am - I realize the house is quiet. I search for Leroy. I scream for Leroy. He is nowhere.
I go to basement and see the door to the garage wide open. I see the garage door wide open. I see Leroy's bike and helmet gone. Leroy is gone.

8:55am - I hop in car and drive past the Mercantile and preschool. I drive up and down every street Way Down In Mayberry. My heart is pumping so fast and I'm crying. I pull up to the Way Down In Mayberry School and see his bike parked along with the other bikes. I enter the school and lo and behold, the child is sitting in the Principal's office while his former teacher is on the phone trying to contact me.

9:15am - Leroy and I return home. The poor little guy just wanted to go back to school and he took off knowing he wasn't supposed to go there. He missed his classmates. He loves his teacher. I sob while Leroy watches Mommy have her own meltdown.

9:38am - I consider making myself a martini. I open the liquor cabinet and the Gin is gone. I cry more loudly.

Some days people, it's a wonder I get out of bed.


Jennboree said...

Awwwwwwwww...I would have had a complete heartattack and meltdown like you did! I cannot even imagine the gripping fear you had when Leroy disappeared!

Sheesh, the least God could do is have a new bottle of liquor appear under your pillow :)

MomToTracyNSheri said...

You ran out of gin at a time like this?

That's alcohol abuse.

I'm Just a Girl said...

This was not a's called being a parent! Which clearly you are an expert at.

Did you find an all-night liquor store??

tallulah said...

just a girl- nah... no liquor store,I just sucked it up and decided it was just a bad day. We all have them from time to time.

Shoshana said...

Aww Tallulah, my now almost 5 year old child used to throw such huge tantrums about being sent to school. Everyday, it's like peeling him off the chair. He's a heavy child, so it's really hard to carry him when he doesn't want to cooperate.

We moved him to a PPCD program for delayed speech, and after one whole year of him screaming his way into the classroom, now he can't wait to go to school.

What a relief!