Friday, September 15, 2006


This is what I overhear coming from our bathtub. Leroy (7) and Izzy (3) are playing.

Leroy: (bubbles over mouth and chin and deep voice) "Ho Ho Ho! What's your name little boy?"

Izzy: "Sonny."

Leroy: "Ho Ho Ho! Now tell me your real name or you won't get any presents from Santa for Christmas."

Izzy: "Sonny."

Leroy: "Stop pretending and tell me your real name Izzy."

Izzy: "I'll tell you my real name when you quit pretending you are Santa Claus."

Yes my friends, Izzy's a real knee-slapper in the world of make believe.


MomSquared said...


Jennboree said...

HAhahaha...that SO reminds me of my sister when she was little! Took things literally all the friggin time. Fortunately, as she grew so did her imagination. WHEW.

Shoshana said...

LOL. I love children's conversation.

I'm Just a Girl said...

That is freakin' hilarious!

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Out of a THREE year old?