Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I have done the unthinkable thing in a family full of animals. I allowed two of our children to play a game at the State Fair where you can win fish......oh yeah, without consulting The Bubby.
Needless to say, the man was not happy. Not even a little bit happy for the children. We had to hear about it for two days. The poor children were starting to feel bad about their fish. But I am happy to report that after getting the tank, chemicals, food, gravel, plants and decorations set up in the tank (oh, and after two major water spills from filling the tank with too much gravel), Bubby stood with the children in front of the tank, their faces lit with the soft glow from the lamp and said, "I'm so glad that you guys won the fish. The tank looks great and I'm enjoying it." If you could see the smiles from their faces.......

Extra points for Bubby coming around.

When the children brought the fish home, the following conversation occurred:

Me: " Tori, what are you going to name your fish?"
Tori: "Annie."
Me: "Christian, what are you going to name your two fish?"
Christian: "I'm giving one of my fish to Izzy. I'm going to name my fish Christopher."
Me: "That's so nice to give one of your fish to your brother! Hey Izzy? What are you going to name your fish?"
Izzy: "The Black."
Me: "The Black?"
Izzy: "Yes. The Black."

Quite a morbid creature he is. But then this topped the cake....

Yesterday right before dinner, this conversation occurred:
(Izzy comes in to kitchen with the fish net dripping wet)

Me: "Izzy what are you doing with the fish net?"
Izzy: "I want the fish for dinner."
Me: "You want to eat the fish?"
Izzy: "Yes."
Me: "Izzy we can't eat our goldfish. They are our pets."
Izzy: (whining) "But I want to eat our pets."
Me: "We are not frying up our goldfish for dinner!"

(Imagine total toddler breakdown complete with tears, screaming and rolling around on the floor.)

I guess I don't need to worry about the cats getting a hold of the fish....just the three-year old.


KaY said...

Hahaha! I can just imagine Izzy having a meltdown.

That was such a vivid description. I wonder how long Black will survive.

I'm Just a Girl said...

Too funny! But maybe remind them that a goldfish's shelf life isn't too long...they may reconsider having one for dinner.

Jennboree said...

OMG..that was so funny and a laugh I needed today!

Shoshana said...

OMG. LMAO. I had tears on my eyes with the "fish for dinner conversation." Poor Izzy.