Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Two weeks ago, an odd thing happened. A deaf woman and her four-year old child came to my door. She explained to me through sign and speaking aloud that she and her daughter were deaf. The woman then showed me a torn piece of construction paper with the International Sign Language printed on the back. The print job was so bad you couldn't even read it. On the front it said:


An obvious con and a really really bad one at that. I was dumbfounded! I told her "No Thank you". You see, had this woman approached me and said, "I need a hit of Meth and my little girl is hungry" then I would have given her money and food for her little one. It's the lie that grates on my nerves. It's the dragging of this poor little girl around in 90 degree heat from door to door on a lie.

So I asked my next-door-neighbor (The Artist) if she came to her door. The Artist said that she had and that she gave the deaf woman a dollar. What? I couldn't believe she gave that woman a dollar! Now I know that I have been cursed. Since two weeks ago, this what has occurred:

1. The piece to my vacuum attachment broke off and I can't use the carpet portion of the vacuum.
2. A breaker stopped working on our breaker box.
3. The attachment to the water hose broke off.
4. Then our entire in-home vacuuming system broke down.
5. The towel ring in my bathroom broke off the wall.
6. The dryer vent duct system is full and my clothes dryer takes 120 minutes to dry a load. I thought it was my dryer that was broken and paid a repair man $166 to tell me it wasn't my dryer and to call a "Duct Guy." The Duct Guy had an appointment to come out and clean out my ducts and never showed up.
7. We got a virus on our computer despite our intricate firewalls. Our entire computer system was shut down for days.
8. The hernia that the Surgeon went in to repair was not there. Instead, I had two adhesions removed from my abdomen that was causing the pain.
9. The computer shut down again and Bubby had to troubleshoot it AGAIN!
10. The lawn company never showed up for three weeks or returned our persistent phone calls and we had to hire another lawn company to come in and mow our lawn.
11. Our sprinkler system stopped working.

I'm sure there are more breakdowns, I just can't remember because right now.......I'm in the middle of my own emotional breakdown. Poor Bubby. He has all the breakdowns to contend with along with caring for me while I recover from surgery and the house and the four kids. A Saint I tell you.

On a very positive note................I can't give enough gratitude to family, friends and neighbors that have gone out of their way while I am recovering. There have been scheduled meals so Bubby doesn't have to cook, presents, cards, calls & babysitting. Everyone has been terrific!

Just the curse of that damn deaf woman that's making it a difficult week. Maybe I should have given her a dollar................


john said...

good luck on a speedy recovery :)

ps: i've whisked away the curse for you. fear not, it's gone.

Anonymous said...

I gave her a dollar too. She was the most pathetic person I'd ever met! I don't think she had anything to do with your bad luck. Shit Happens.