Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I have absolutely no time to post today. But I'm beyond stressed so I will write instead of pop Valium (although Valium does have it's advantages).

Yesterday was the hoo-ha of all days. I guess Bubby returning to work after an 8 day vacation of hell while caring for his wife and kids, was enough to send him over the edge. But yesterday......oh, yesterday..............................

7:42 am we were awoken and startled by blood-curldling screams. The screaming did not subside so Bubby went downstairs to check it out. It appears that Leroy has been incessantly bugging his sister and she apparently stopped him from hitting her and it gave Leroy a bloody nose. When Leroy is not on his Asperger's meds, the tiniest of things can send him in to a tizzy. Well this was not the tiniest of things and Leroy started having a panic-attack. It appears he thought he was dying because of all the blood. I can't even tell you how much blood covered our COMPLETELY WHITE OCTAGONAL-TILED bathroom. It looked like a hit-man from the Mafia had been there. After a morning of Leroy cleaning up the bathroom.........

10:32 am I am bathing Leroy and Izzy. I have only had 1 cup of coffee and no breakfast. Christian and Tori are riding their new bikes around the neighborhood. Bubby is working on the computer. I just get undressed to hop in the shower when....DING DONG, our batty (and I mean certifiably off-her-rocker-really-hate-dealing-with-her) neighbor down the street comes up to our house with a screaming, out-of-control Tori lying in the back of her car. Tori's foot slipped and into the spokes it went. Batty neighbor picked her up and returned her to us. Bubby got dressed and took Tori to the ER. Sprained ankle. Lots of drama from Tori.

1:04 pm Bubby returns home with wrapped up Tori. Bubby fixes lunch for the kids. Christian apparently started choking on his hot dog and didn't know the international sign for choking. He ran around the kitchen like a monkey. Bubby thought it was hilarious because he thought Christian just took a bite of a really hot, hot dog. Nope. Christian had to save himself and was incredulous that Dad just sat there and laughed.

2:45 pm Bubby and I are in the garage. Leroy just learned how to ride a bike so he was practicing. Leroy decided he couldn't stop and ran smack dab into the side of my van and the handlebar nearly pierced his chest. No second trip to the ER but Leroy will be sore for days, but so proud he can now ride a bike........AND stop.

By 5pm, I'm ready to call it a night. I don't want anyone to move. I just want to have everyone safe and quiet when DING DONG the doorbell rings and nobody hears it but Tori (who can't move from the chair) and Christian. So Christian opens the door, lets the neighbors in who are delivering dinner for us because of my surgery and doesn't tell anyone. That's right. Bubby and I and Leroy and Izzy are upstairs and Christian goes back to playing on the computer. Tori is downstairs....entertaining our very nice neighbors from a chair and reliving her days drama. God knows how long they were down there. I am so embarrassed and I began having thoughts of strangling my 8 year old for his lack of manners.

8:42 pm Christian is sad and crying and reminds me that we forgot to visit the Memorial cemetery today like we promised. I got so caught up in our own families events, that I forgot to honor all that have gone before us.

I feel like a heel. Just tear up my parent card up and throw it in the trash because today I taught my children about selfishness. Mine. That's a hard one to swallow.


Serendipity said...

Awwww, you need hugs today and lots of it. Don't be too hard on yourself. Coz if you are, I won't have a leg to stand on for going into a scream-the-house down tantrum because the kids won't settle down.

You're a great Mom from the sound of it, and you need "hurt" anyone after the day you have. I say you deserve a day in the spa!

Anonymous said...

Tell Bubby that after his next business trip, you would like an hour at a spa for a massage and also a pedicure.

The Analyzer said...

Cut yourself some slack girlfriend. It's not like you were laying in bed all day watching Oprah and drinking martinis and then decided not to go to the cemetary!

I'm Just a Girl said...

I hope you're feeling better now, Tallulah. I am enjoying your blog and your hilarious outtakes. Your kids are gorgeous...looking forward to reading more!