Friday, March 03, 2006



Watching Sports on Television:
Tallulah- No thank you. Olympics maybe. Only if there's ice skating on with lots of gay guys in flamboyant outfits.

Bubby- Despises t.v. sports so much that he blocks the ESPN channels out on cable (as if they were the porno channels). God forbid a child turn on the t.v. and see sports!

Particpating in Sports:
Tallulah- I don't have a coordinated bone in my body. For a good laugh, watch me try to play ANY sport.

Bubby- First you would have to teach him how to play the sport because the man can't tell you the difference between a home run and a field goal. Bubby would be much more likely to club a man to death with the bat than to hit a little white ball with it.

The Kids Participating in Sports:
Tallulah- Great fun! Maybe they will find their niche in the sports world.

Bubby- Begrudgingly supports the children. Often suggests other options to the kids like learning the violin or debate team.

Watching Live Sports Events:
Tallulah-Basketball, Football or Gymnastics is fun to watch live.

Bubby-"Please just stick a fork in my eye."

Which really surprised me when I mentioned to Bubby that we take the kids to a Basketball tournament at a local high school and he said, O.K. You see, I think it's a great way to introduce our kids to another culture. They are so far out of the sports scene, it's really quite scary.

We hit the jackpot last night as far as exciting games go. Of course, we had no idea who was playing, but it was fun anyway. Team A had 56 points. Team B had 59 points. There was five seconds left in the game. Team A shot a three-pointer and they tied with team B. Everyone was jumping up and down, excited that it was now tied. Team B called a time-out. Three seconds left on the clock, Team B throws a one-handed basketball from beyond half-court and swishes it in as the buzzer goes off. I have never seen anything like it! Me, Christian, Tori and Izzy are jumping up and down yelling and screaming. I look over at Bubby and Leroy. Leroy has his head on Bubby's lap and Bubby is sitting down amongst the entire stadium of screaming fans, staring off in to space. He really looked like an alien.....just sitting there with a blank-faced stare. I had to laugh!

After we got home, Bubby didn't let the dogs in, turn on the lights or help Izzy get his coat off. Bubby headed straight for the liquor cabinet. An hour and 1/2 and two drinks later, Bubby confessed he was just starting to calm down from his hellish adventure.

I've got to give it to Bubby. He realizes how odd and unusual he is and really tries to overcome his stressors for the kids. He tries. I love him for that

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Anonymous said...

Maybe curling is Bubby's cup of tea. Like shuffleboard on ice.