Thursday, March 30, 2006


I have a rule.

When Mommy goes to take a shower, NO ONE bugs her unless you are on fire. Even then, if you are on fire, Mom prefers that you first try to put yourself out and call 911 before knocking on her bathroom door.

This rule is respected throughout the All house. Rarely, does anyone knock on my door. So I was quite surprised this morning when I hear a ruckus outside my door:

Leroy: (knock knock knock) "Mom.....Mom.....Mom........"

Me: (turn shower off) "What is it Leroy?"

Leroy: "Mom......Mom...........Mommy.....Mom..........Mommy...............MOOOMMMMYYY!"

Me: (running to door naked and dripping water all over the floor) "What's wrong Leroy?"

Leroy: (standing at door, scared as hell that Mom is naked with a deer-in-the-headlights look upon his face) "Um.....What day is it?"

Me: "You're kidding....right?"

Leroy: "I need to know what day it is" (jumping up and down and flapping arms) RIGHT NOW!

Me: (resisting urge to scream, I whisper) "Leroy? Are you on fire?"

Leroy: "No."

Me: "Then go away before I NEVER TELL YOU WHAT DAY IT IS!"

You see, having an Asperger's kid is always exciting. You never know from what week to the next what your child will be hyper-focusing on. This week it happens to be the $21.oo that Leroy has saved up for six weeks. He will have the money in his hands tomorrow and he can barely control himself. Leroy has scoured every toy magazine and online Bionicle and Leggo website to find the perfect thing to blow his chore money on. Every day he picks out something different that he is going to buy and then spends all day talking about it, obsessing about it, drawing it, reading about it and generally making IT every one else's issue. The next day it is a completely different thing that he is going to spend his money on and we all get to hear every detail about that particular toy. Fun. Fun.

That is why Leroy couldn't wait to know what day it was. He thought it might be Friday (allowance day), but was completely disappointed to find out it was only Thursday.

Can anyone make a bet on what next weeks hyper-focus will be?

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yanachick said...

howevere strange this might sound to you. Despite the stress u're life may inflict on you at sometimes. It really sounds like with a house full of boys that im sure are crazy about you, that u guys have a lot of fun. Im jealous!!!!!!!!!!