Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Bubby sent away for some free temporary tattoos from one of his favorite beer companies. Every day he would say....."Have my tattoos come in yet?" I have never seen a man so excited about getting something in the mail. I didn't even ask why he wanted these tattoos so badly. There are some things you just would rather choose not to know.

When the tattoos finally arrived, Bubby began pasting them on the children. There's nothing like having your eight year old going to school with a large picture of a skeleton plastered to his hand with the words "Dead Guy Ale" on it. I'm sure we have conjured an image in the minds of teachers, parents and volunteers that we engage in the most highest caliber of parenting!


Ms. Analyzer said...

Awesome!!!! But I kinda wish he had put them on their forheads.

Serendipity said...

My kids are into this temporary tattoo. I hope it won't translate to the real stuff later.

My 4-year old showed up in school with 8 tatoos! I am so glad it was all covered though.