Saturday, January 28, 2006


I hate that cliche.

I've been pretty much house bound since the middle of December. Oh sure, a few days out here and there...........but for the most part, it's been a very sucky and lonely month.

Believe it or not, I was actually looking FORWARD to taking Tori to cheerleading today without the clan. Izzy is still sick so Bubby was going to stay home with the boys. I was going to sit myself down at a church with a nice hedonistic-type book and read all afternoon. What bliss!

It's snowing. Hard. And if you live in the Way Down In Mayberry foothills away from the city like we do, you are pretty much stranded. Unless of course, you don't mind gambling with the lives of yourself and your children. Rollovers are common. Ask my friend The Analyzer. She is queen of rollovers.

So here I am......snowed in with a sick child, a most gloriously and wonderful, patient husband and three more to add to the brood.

I think I'll go make some lemonade.....................


Anonymous said...

Today is the kind of day to:
a. bake cookies
b. do a puzzle if you have one
c. put a big plastic on the floor, give them some computer paper or white constuction paper and let the kids fingerpaint.
or if all else fails, put on a movie about a warm sunny island where the breezes that blow are about 80 degrees.

Ms. Abalyzer said...

Queen of rollovers really implies more than one, doesn't it? Since I can't seem to organize more than one, in this case I really think I'm just one of the many princesses of rollovers.