Sunday, January 08, 2006


As you know, Leroy just had a Birthday. He got some very cool stuff......especially this awesome Attaticks set from MeMa.

From some other relatives, they bought him a Land's End gift certificate. I thought Leroy would buy some towel's with his name personalized on them or a cool pair of rubber rain boots or a new jacket. Nope. Leroy ceases to amaze me.

So I sat Leroy down and had him go through the kids catalog and circle what he wanted and then we could narrow it down based on price. The next day when Leroy was at school, I checked the catalog to see what he had circled. I was surprised and had to question Leroy when he got home.

In the private school uniform section, Leroy had circled a white button-down shirt and a navy and light blue striped tie. That's it. Hmmmm.............
After talking with Leroy, that is all he wanted. I made other sheets for your bed? A bean bag with your name on it? A new winter coat? No way. Leroy only wanted the shirt and tie.

Well Leroy's package came in on Friday evening. Saturday morning, before the birds could tweet, Leroy was dressed in his new duds. By 8am Leroy had his brand new outfit on (along with a pair of leather boots I had ordered). Boy he looked sharp!

It is now Sunday, and I had to pry the shirt and tie off of him for a bath. He asked so nicely if he could please have more shirts and ties. In his own words, he explained that this type of clothing was really a part of who he was. Who knew?

Leroy now wants to decorate his now single room with ties. Ties I ask? Yes. Leroy wants to collect ties and bowties and hang them all over the walls. Huh? I don't think they have a tie comforter and matching bowtie sheets available in Pottery Barn Kids. I could be wrong.......but for some reason, I don't believe that ties are a real popular interior decorating item among seven year olds.


ElleStarr said...

Oh My God! Must be an Aspy thing, as Mason LOVES ties also. I can make you a lampshade out of ties if you want.

Anonymous said...

My kind of guy.

Hired Pun said...

You goin t'eat yo conebread?