Monday, September 26, 2005


I've never been a good shopper. Oh sure, I can spend money just as well as the next Mom....but I guess I don't get that high like others do. Some women gloat when they have had a successfull day at Costco and their pantries are packed. I just loathe the fact that now I have to find room in my car for the 50 rolls of toilet paper and wonder where I am going to put all of the food once I return home.

My friend The Analyzer went to Winco last night. There is my biggest nightmare. I like Winco and I love their prices. They have yummy food and gourmet stuffs too.

You also have to bag your own groceries..............
That to me, is the ultimate traumatic and dreadful experience that one can possibly endure. You see, I never went to grocery bagging school and if I had been able to go.......I would have flunked out. Never mind the whole pressure of having to get your groceries bagged in a timely manner. The person behind you in line stares at you wondering if you are going to hurry the hell up so they can start bagging their own groceries. And there are so many rules! Don't put bleach with consumable foods. Don't put anything soft, gooey or fragile on the bottom of the bag. Don't mix your canned goods with fruits or vegetables. Double bag any heavy items. Don't bag some items because they are large and unmanageable. Yada yada yada.

have ever seen the movie "Prozac Nation"? There's a scene in the movie where Christina Ricci is standing still and everyone around her is moving at a fast pace. That's how I feel at Winco. Like things are a little out of control. Okay, I'm lying. A lot out of control.

So now that I'm shopping challenged and can't get good prices (we refuse to shop at Walmart...that's a whole 'nother blog), I have to shop at Albertsons. Yes the prices are more and I have to use that stupid card to get their discounted prices, but those cute little high school boys get to bag my groceries and then take them out to my car for me. What could be better than that?

Last night, The Anyalyzer called to see if I needed anything at Winco while she was there. How sweet was that? Believe me, it took all of my strength not to give her a list a mile long.

Sigh........if only I could afford a personal shopper.

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The Analyzer said...

Hey! I wasn't offering just to be nice, I was offering because gas is expensive and you have a trip to get ready for and also four kids and I was completely willing to do your shopping for you you silly cow. Next time give me the list stupid.